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Delicious on a Stick

These dark-chocolate raspberry cake pops were made as a birthday gift package. They’re covered with milk chocolate and a melted candy swirl.

Classic Cavan!

For Cavan’s 30th birthday, we celebrated in style. We hunkered down at Bradstreet Craftshouse Resturant at the Graves 610 hotel. Cavan is a big fan of all of the unique cocktails they serve.  (He even infuses his own vodka; see the video on his website, You’re in my Kitchen). With this love of spirits, I decided on a champagne cake frosted and filled with vanilla buttercream and fresh raspberries. Happy Birthday Cavan!

Episode 27: Cara wants a cheeseburger, and a fun cake

My Cara girlfriend jokes that her life could be a sitcom, because it’s rife with everyday challenges and related small victories. But, I’m of the option that those small victories are what you have to celebrate! For her “27th episode” friends are gathering at a quintessential corner bar for none other than a gloriously greasy cheeseburger.

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Baby Butter is 1!


My coworker’s first son nicknamed her daughter before she even arrived. One year later, everyone still calls her “Butter.”

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Cupcake To Go

Antonia turned 1 today and the only request was fruit cupcakes. I decided on a white cake with raspberry swirled into the batter, and raspberry buttercream. A hint of almond would take this to the next level, but most young ones don’t eat nuts until 18 months. Read the full article »