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Mocha Cake Pops

This little beauty was made with the cake scraps created when I leveled this week’s mocha cake. The cake is formed into spheres, attached to a popsicle stick and dipped in chocolate. Mmmm….

Coffee Addicts Beware: Mocha Cake Ahead

I often send extra treats with my husband when he goes to work; it’s one strategy for keeping the cake I make off of my hips. One of his co-workers requested a mocha cake for his birthday this weekend. I flavored my best chocolate cake with espresso and mixed coffee liquor into the chocolate buttercream frosting. I kept the look of the cake simple and added a few of my favorite coffee treats: chocolate-covered coffee beans! (These are the cupcakes I made with some extra cake batter; Andrew’s cake went out the door before I could style a photo shoot.)