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Nate’s 30th Birthday

For Nate’s 30th birthday, we planned to celebrate by playing our favorite card game, UNO. This is a 10-inch marble cake with vanilla buttercream filling. The top wording says “Uno ano mas,” or “One year more.” The side also says Happy Birthday in Spanish. This size cake serves 24 people.

Patti’s Birthday

Patti has a special place in her heart for cats, so what better way to celebrate her birthday than wtih a cat cake? This is a 6-inch round cake with a cake topper designed to look like the family cat, Caramel. This cake serves 8 people.

Lola’s 1st Birthday

A former coworker asked me to do a cake for her daughter Lola’s 1st birthday. We decided on a square base for the cake, and a round layer on top, decorated with flowers and butterflies. The bottom is 10 inches and the top layer is 8 inches; this cake would serve 40 people. You can see how Lola liked her cake on the blog Bemidji Baby.

Eric’s Birthday

Happy 14th Birthday! This Mario Kart-themed cake is made from an 8-inch vanilla buttermilk cake and a 6-inch chocolate buttermilk cake, both covered in vanilla buttercream before the layer of fondant. I pre-ordered the Mario and Luigi figurines from a toy shop online. You could serve about 40 people with this cake.

Evan’s 1st Birthday (by Cindy)

My neighbor and fellow cake decorator Cindy made this wonderful cake for her son Evan’s 1-year birthday. I have cake envy! You can see more of her work at http://www.lilcakelover.blogspot.com