Sweets by Natalie Kay

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Thank Heaven for Little Girls

I planned a trip to Iowa and was going to visit my long-time friend, who is expecting her first child. The last time I saw her she was just telling people about her pregnancy, and we met just one day before her due date. We’re still waiting for Baby Golly to arrive, but we’re hoping she’s just fashionably late.

Exquisitely Beautiful

My newest customer requested an “exquisitely beautiful” cake for her mother’s 83rd birthday. I couldn’t help but oblige her! This is a 6-inch lemon cake with raspberry buttercream under the quilted fondant. The top is adorned with a gumpaste peony, rose, daisies and some butterflies. She’s also getting a dozen cupcakes that match the cake’s design. I hope both Margaret and her mother approve!

For a Special Guest

My Great Aunt Kay, after whom I was named, was visiting Iowa from her home in Arizona. Everyone wanted to see her, so we had an unofficial family reunion in her honor. She is quite a baker herself, and has decorated many wedding and anniversary cakes. I decided to make a 3-teir cake for her.

This is her recipe for petits fours, covered in buttercream, then yellow fondant and white fondant flowers. There is a 10-inch, 8-inch and 6-inch round cake, which serves nearly 50 people. The cake stand could be rented.

Stef’s Birthday

This cake was created for my girlfriend Stef’s birthday. It’s an 8-inch basic buttermilk cake, with buttercream frosting. It’s then covered with pink fondant, handmade fondant daisies and a fondant “S.” The additional text is piped in buttercream. This cake serves about 15 people.