Sweets by Natalie Kay

Tag: chocolate

A Bookish Baby Shower

I saw the idea for a book-themed baby shower in a magazine years ago and I was so excited to throw a small party for my co-worker and his expectant wife!

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Sweets to Love

I’ve finally found a caramel buttercream that lives up to my high frosting standards. This chocolate cupcake with salted caramel buttercream would be a perfect treat for any special Valentine.

Baby Butter is 1!


My coworker’s first son nicknamed her daughter before she even arrived. One year later, everyone still calls her “Butter.”

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Give Thanks for Chocolate

For this week’s upcoming Turkey dinner, I decided to reuse an updated classic: chocolate pumpkin tart. I’ll tell you one thing: I’m definitely thankful for chocolate this year. Here’s hoping it can make the car trip down to Aunt Jill’s unscathed.

Cake Pops & Cake Bites

One of my favorite customers ordered some cake pops for her mom’s birthday. These are chocolate cake filling coated in light chocolate and drizzled with pink-colored white chocolate. Read the full article »