Sweets by Natalie Kay

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Adding to the Repertoire

I recently completed a skills course for creating piped flowers. From lilies to peonies to roses, I’ve got quite a few new skills in the repertoire. This cake was made as the class “final.” It includes a rope border technique, a basketweave on the side, roses and leaves. As I’ll be taking it to work tomorrow, I couldn’t help but put a fun message on the top! Did you hear that co-workers? You’ll have to visit my cube for a sweet treat.

Chocolate Cherry Chip Transformer Cake

My friend Cavan planned a surprise birthday party for his husband Scott’s 30th birthday. He said Scott liked these things in relation to cake: chocolate, cherry and transformers. So, we made it work with chocolate cherry-chip cake and chocolate buttercream! The party included a rolling surprise of friends and family throughout the evening and a ride on a old-time fire truck throughout St. Paul with the Vulkans. What a great birthday surprise.