Sweets by Natalie Kay

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Basic, But Spectacular

A client ordered a couple dozen of cupcakes for his birthday. While the flavors and decorations are from my go-to list of flavors, I couldn’t help but devour a couple of each. Key lime cupcake with cream cheese frosting, and carrot cake cupcakes.

Copyeditor Edits Cake

This Princess Mononoke cake was ordered for my coworker Morgon Mae, who is a copyeditor for a magazine. The white character are forest spirits called Kodama. (Here’s a snippet of the movie that I used for inspiration.) Read the full article »

Kirsten’s Baby Shower


My co-worker Nicole commissioned these cupcakes to match the Chrysanthemum invites sent out for Kirsten’s baby shower. The cupcakes themselves are carrot cake with cream cheese frosting. Not quite a “push gift”, but I hope they makes Kirsten’s last few weeks of pregnancy a little sweeter!

Tschida Anniversary

s-t cake

Stef and Troy used this unique monogram in their black-and-white wedding, so I recreated it for the top of this anniversary cake. The 6-inch square cake is composed of 3 layers of carrot cake and filled with cream cheese frosting.