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Sweets to Love

I’ve finally found a caramel buttercream that lives up to my high frosting standards. This chocolate cupcake with salted caramel buttercream would be a perfect treat for any special Valentine.

May I tempt you with a cupcake?

Our office is raising funds for the United Way this week. I donated a gift certificate for our silent auction and so I lured people to my item with pumpkin cupcakes. Read the full article »

Exquisitely Beautiful

My newest customer requested an “exquisitely beautiful” cake for her mother’s 83rd birthday. I couldn’t help but oblige her! This is a 6-inch lemon cake with raspberry buttercream under the quilted fondant. The top is adorned with a gumpaste peony, rose, daisies and some butterflies. She’s also getting a dozen cupcakes that match the cake’s design. I hope both Margaret and her mother approve!

What’s on the Inside

When I deliver a cake, it’s not often I’m around for the cutting and serving. Just one of the great things about the Jane Eyere photo shoot is it allowed me to get some great photos of the bride and groom cutting the cake, and some pictures of the inside of the cake. Huge thanks again to Melissa Oholendt for the wonerful concept and opportunity!

I also made some chocolate cupcakes that tied to the theme of the main cake, as they were topped with sugared raspberries as well. This would be a great groom’s cake option if you wanted to provide some variety to guests, or if you were looking to create more of a dessert table.

Coffee Addicts Beware: Mocha Cake Ahead

I often send extra treats with my husband when he goes to work; it’s one strategy for keeping the cake I make off of my hips. One of his co-workers requested a mocha cake for his birthday this weekend. I flavored my best chocolate cake with espresso and mixed coffee liquor into the chocolate buttercream frosting. I kept the look of the cake simple and added a few of my favorite coffee treats: chocolate-covered coffee beans! (These are the cupcakes I made with some extra cake batter; Andrew’s cake went out the door before I could style a photo shoot.)