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Tag: 30th birthday

Chocolate Cherry Chip Transformer Cake

My friend Cavan planned a surprise birthday party for his husband Scott’s 30th birthday. He said Scott liked these things in relation to cake: chocolate, cherry and transformers. So, we made it work with chocolate cherry-chip cake and chocolate buttercream! The party included a rolling surprise of friends and family throughout the evening and a ride on a old-time fire truck throughout St. Paul with the Vulkans. What a great birthday surprise.

Nate’s 30th Birthday

For Nate’s 30th birthday, we planned to celebrate by playing our favorite card game, UNO. This is a 10-inch marble cake with vanilla buttercream filling. The top wording says “Uno ano mas,” or “One year more.” The side also says Happy Birthday in Spanish. This size cake serves 24 people.