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Baby Butter is 1!


My coworker’s first son nicknamed her daughter before she even arrived. One year later, everyone still calls her “Butter.”

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Cupcake To Go

Antonia turned 1 today and the only request was fruit cupcakes. I decided on a white cake with raspberry swirled into the batter, and raspberry buttercream. A hint of almond would take this to the next level, but most young ones don’t eat nuts until 18 months. Read the full article »

Lola’s 1st Birthday

A former coworker asked me to do a cake for her daughter Lola’s 1st birthday. We decided on a square base for the cake, and a round layer on top, decorated with flowers and butterflies. The bottom is 10 inches and the top layer is 8 inches; this cake would serve 40 people. You can see how Lola liked her cake on the blog Bemidji Baby.

Evan’s 1st Birthday (by Cindy)

My neighbor and fellow cake decorator Cindy made this wonderful cake for her son Evan’s 1-year birthday. I have cake envy! You can see more of her work at http://www.lilcakelover.blogspot.com