Sweets by Natalie Kay

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Cake Pops & Cake Bites

One of my favorite customers ordered some cake pops for her mom’s birthday. These are chocolate cake filling coated in light chocolate and drizzled with pink-colored white chocolate. Read the full article »

Perfect Party Parfaits

These chocolate pudding parfaits were requested for a small, intimate 18th birthday celebration. The birthday girl has had her fair share of cake, since there are two other family birthdays in a 3-week span. These fancy chocolate pudding cups are topped with freshly whipped cream, chocolate sprinkles and piped chocolate hearts. Right before they headed out the door, I added the number “18″ to each one.  They’re just waiting for one fancy candle to top it all off.

Mocha Cake Pops

This little beauty was made with the cake scraps created when I leveled this week’s mocha cake. The cake is formed into spheres, attached to a popsicle stick and dipped in chocolate. Mmmm….

Cupcakes Are For Lovers

Nate and Athena had a casual barbecue for family and friends tonight, the eve of their wedding! I was excited to have carte blanche for the evening’s sweets. My only direction was to bring cupcakes! These chocolate cupcakes are topped with a swirl of vanilla buttercream and two hearts (in the wedding colors) stamped with the couple’s initials. I also had fun using some of my cake plates to display the treats.

Cant’ wait for tomorrow’s festivities. Here’s a sneak peek of the photos from the rehearsal!

Full-Size Tart

I had one extra batch of key lime filling after last weekend’s wedding tarts, so I made a full-sized version to bring to Stef and Troy’s for dinner. Who says leftovers can’t look good?