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Colorful Bridal Shower

Melissa requested this cake for her sister’s bridal shower. The color and flower inspiration came from the shower invites and an inspiration photo for the bridal bouquet.

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Goin’ to the Chapel

OK, so the cupcakes can’t really get married, but they are dressed for the occasion–complete with a top hat for the guy, and a veil and crown for the bride. The flavor matches the celebratory theme: champagne cake with almond buttercream. It’s one of my new favorites! These cupcakes aren’t for an actual bride and groom; they were made for a wedding-magazine party for some employees who are leaving. Bon vogage! Hope the “honeymoon” is great!

What’s on the Inside

When I deliver a cake, it’s not often I’m around for the cutting and serving. Just one of the great things about the Jane Eyere photo shoot is it allowed me to get some great photos of the bride and groom cutting the cake, and some pictures of the inside of the cake. Huge thanks again to Melissa Oholendt for the wonerful concept and opportunity!

I also made some chocolate cupcakes that tied to the theme of the main cake, as they were topped with sugared raspberries as well. This would be a great groom’s cake option if you wanted to provide some variety to guests, or if you were looking to create more of a dessert table.

Jane Eyre Photo Shoot

The wonderful and talented wedding photographer Melissa Oholendt graciously invited me to be part of a concept wedding shoot. The idea was to create a wedding that would feel like a tip of the hat to English writer Charlotte Bronte’s character Jayne Eyre. This elegant, simplistic cake is covered with a smooth layer of fondant and bunches of sugared raspberries. I wish I could take credit for the adorable teacup cake topper, but alas, it was Melissa’s inspired idea. Stay tuned for some remarkable images, and please consider Melissa for any photography needs.

Cupcakes Are For Lovers

Nate and Athena had a casual barbecue for family and friends tonight, the eve of their wedding! I was excited to have carte blanche for the evening’s sweets. My only direction was to bring cupcakes! These chocolate cupcakes are topped with a swirl of vanilla buttercream and two hearts (in the wedding colors) stamped with the couple’s initials. I also had fun using some of my cake plates to display the treats.

Cant’ wait for tomorrow’s festivities. Here’s a sneak peek of the photos from the rehearsal!