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Episode 27: Cara wants a cheeseburger, and a fun cake

My Cara girlfriend jokes that her life could be a sitcom, because it’s rife with everyday challenges and related small victories. But, I’m of the option that those small victories are what you have to celebrate! For her “27th episode” friends are gathering at a quintessential corner bar for none other than a gloriously greasy cheeseburger.

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Last year, I got to make a Minnie Mouse cake for little Reese. This year she’s getting a Candyland-themed cake for her third birthday. Read the full article »

Modern Monogram

One of my best customers requested this cake as a birthday surprise for a friend. The “R” monogram and modern design would be great for nearly any event–birthday, anniversary, modern baby shower and even scaled up for a wedding.

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Fancy Cakes for a Fancy Plate

Ok, so this iPhone photo doesn’t really do it justice, but I received this beautiful milk glass plate for my birthday and immediately thought, “I need to make tea cakes!” Nothing but light, delicate and feminine cakes would suite it better.

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Baby Butter is 1!


My coworker’s first son nicknamed her daughter before she even arrived. One year later, everyone still calls her “Butter.”

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